I Am Not Rich

Those I had
and those I still possess
a long list I can make
being not the materials
but that of the passions
I nurtured with steadfastness,

Most did not work out,
being very ambitious,
Primary is  setting a college 
of commerce, where transactions 
assume  top priority, where 
trade reaches the zenith unaffected
 by deceit,  transparent dealings.

The next is still more 
powerful,  Organizing 
a trust to help those 
who sincerely want to pursue 
higher studies, Assisting them financially 
and  rewarding them with job security.

The last of the tallest keeping 
the environment clean,
where my country falls short 
of all standards, spitting, urinating, 
defecating in public , unmindful 
discharging  of trash.

I wish, I deliberate, I draw plans
talk to the people concerned,
but all remain in papers ,
Blessed of me for having
remained inert.  Not me alone 
to be accused, the money part
 pulls me  behind,  The fact being
 I am not rich.