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A Remarkable Day

Winding up my work,

Folding all the documents,

Caught hold  of a paper,

Stuck in between the files,

Crushed and crumpled,

Torn and tattered,

I pulled it to throw away,

On second thought opened it,

Startled and staggered,

I gazed at it,

I read it ,

Not once but twice,

I went through it again,

My eye balls came out,

My jaws threw open,

My neck stretched further,

It was,it was——-,

A precious note,

A dear one,

Most valuable,

It was my honours degree,

Well, I myself have forgotten,

Years ago,I clinched the top rank,

Received a gold medal from the chancellor.

I went back some three and a half decades,

Visualised the day in great intensity,

A sprightly young girl hopping on to the stage,

Oh! What a remarkable day it was.