Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Mind You

 Mind you it  is another day,

Not different from any day,

 Mind you it is a usual  wake up,

Not very different from  other get ups.


 Mind you it is going about the normal way,

Buying grocery at the sub way,

Holding a while in the mad  traffic,

Exhausting the energy quick.


Mind you it is another page of your life,

Quickly turned  reflecting the hurried strife,

It is a fresh leaf out in the lease,

Cautiously straightened for a release.


 Mind you age rolls out in brisk speed,

Withering the face to  a wrinkled seed,

Customs break the beauty  to an  antique calm,

Sagging muscles detonate the  exuding charm.


Mind you  life flows on like a river,

Years move on in a quiver,

Bringing cheer and sadness together,

Well, that is how another day gathers.