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The Mother In You —— Parenting -2

The mother in you as I find
tells that you are very kind
you treat your children with a vow
never do you let yourself to a bow.

The mother in you I admire
as your ways should come up in wire
you allow them a space to grow
never do you grant them an extra place to slip.

The mother in you I appreciate
the touch you have with them never depreciates
mindless of their age in general
let alone their locations in referral.

The mother in you I dedicate
a loveliness in all with an indicate
the reciprocal you receive from your kids
keeps me aghast and amazed in all bids.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

One reply on “The Mother In You —— Parenting -2”

Kallal m.shanmugam chettiar is my employer.He was elected Rotary Governor. Convocation at American college auditorium.Family members neglected his mother.Since they move by cars they forget to carry receiption material.Family member deputed me to collect.After saluting mother I request her to permit me to take costly materials.She denied.she agreed to accompany me with materials.As soon as we reach there.Function started.During buffay she felldown.Every body cursed except our chairman.That is mother sentiment.

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