Windows And Doors

My windows for years
lay open allowing
sunlight and fresh air.

They are fastened
with mosquito nets
where light traces its path,

the wind comes in with
a feeble strain, This being
so for some time,

Of recent, I am
forced to close the doors
as cats and squirrels,

barge in play hide and seek
in the living room
upturning the furniture.

Yesterday, I fell asleep around
11 in the morning leaving
the back door open.

I sleep ‘like a log.
especially in the mornings,
the rodents and the mammals

had a jolly good time
for nearly an hour pulling
down the curios and pen stands.

I lay fast asleep
oblivious to the chaos,
my maid had a tough time

driving them out,
in the milieu she broke
few of the priceless.

Waking up I did not
recognize the place,
where am I? I wonder.