Articulating Art

Art confines 
to no boundaries.
 Its  extent being  
 far and wide
 high and low
 colourful and plain
 transparent and 

Measuring art is ugly
 Valuation is  impossible.
 Criticizing   is easy.
creating is difficult.
 I am dogmatic, as 
you see seem to wear 
the garb of a preacher.

A pencil sketch overlaps 
the picturesque.  A line 
out beats a detailed one.
 Like wise I can go on
 with the merits of art 
and its appreciation
 Anyway, art is for art sake. 

Art brings no money 
for most except a few
 who mint billions 
for a single sketch.
 It all depends on the timing,
 being in the right place
 at the right time 
 reaps a fortune.