The past four days 
I missed out the routine.
I did not enter the expenses
 in my accounting.
The bills remain.
I shirked from folding 
my washed clothes,
they lie in a heap.
I did not bother 
to clean the house.
 it looks a mess.
I did some fast cooking
 as my hunger 
 rose up in bouts.

This way I never had been
all  the years so far,
 I did my chores to the dot,
This break seems obvious 
of the lethargy that I am 
facing at this period of life.
My body craves for rest,
mind cajoles me to pause.
it seems hard, no, it is rather
difficult to turn inert
as the calls keep compelling,
the duties drive you nuts.
I limp and  lag with a drag
to fulfill and accomplish.