Those Saturdays

Three of them 
sit on the stools
 one tries to rise
 the other gets down
while the third
 the smallest 
 sits knowing 
not what to do,

This being a ritual
 every Saturday
 of the week,
 With  a bowl 
of sesame oil, 
mildly warm, in which 
 pepper floats.
 a piece of garlic 

Smearing the oil 
first on the body
of the eldest, I 
 rub with force 
over the abdomen, ,
hands and legs,
 finally on the head
 a fair amount goes 
with a strong massage. 

Performing likewise 
on the second 
and the third, I make them
sit for full twenty minutes,
They play happily.
Hearing their scream as
 the oil descends to the eyes,
 turning them red.
I bathe them with traditional 
soap nut powder.

They come out fresh 
the skin looks beautiful 
and soft.  Hair gleams.
 I make them take moringa 
leaves soup. Reluctantly they sip 
the bitter taste lingers for a while.
The day turns out to be hectic ‘
for the children as well as for me.
Those Saturdays. will they come?