The End

Waves in the ocean
rise up once most
with froth and fury
then fall down
recede to the shore.

The splutter, the splash
the fall down with a thud
are terrific to watch eliciting
fear and awe.

The first wave of the current
pandemic, a mild infection
took wings spread across
the world turning deadly.

Hundreds , thousands, millions
succumb to the new virus
with the world under
lock down.

Gagged mouths, as seen
nowhere and at no time
becomes a common sight,
compulsory rather.

The wave subsides
normalcy returns
not too sure for reasons

The second picks up
with a momentum,
travelling in a
supersonic speed.

A retreat is on the anvil
the panic kills. Hindus would
call it karma and conclude
the [i]Kaliyuga [/i]

will end and with that
mankind will become
extinct. That could
be the end of the world.