It is in between
a nonagenarian 
and a forty year old 
I am placed 
while watching a concert.

It is absolute bliss 
the older one experiences 
eyes closed, fingers
 following the Thala
a besh, besh, at times.
glued to the seat.

The one on the other side
 listens with distractions,
 reads the messages 
from her mobile, replies
tweets and records,
moving not an inch.

The between being me 
am neither fully engrossed 
nor partly involved 
lose interest in the middle,
 rise up to take a stroll,
an impulse to move.

Being known as irandu kattan
as coined in Tamil, I seem to be 
the least of all, besieged 
by passion and impatience
pestered by aches and inhibitions,
turn a buffer.