An Anthem

Hail to thee, Oh! legs
the ones who carry me 
bearing all my weight 
making  possible  to move
epitome of resilience.

Namaskar to the hands
those enable a pick 
a drop, a write, 
a push and an embrace  
symbolizing grace .

An applause to the eyes
which see wanted and 
unwanted, picturing 
a caricature of life  and world
synchronizing both.

That be to the nose 
 smells fragrance and foul.
 breathes in and out,
 a systematic exercising 
denoting life.

No lesser comes the mouth
means of expression and of 
sustenance, doing both 
good and bad in words
and intake of food.

The other regions  
not to leave off the brain
and the heart  those 
 that command, act,
 and execute.

An anthem to the body,
a song worthier than 
 six pence, loaded 
 with gratitude  
and love.