The Poosari

The gathering grows ecstatic
 screams and shouts
 crackers explode, 
 high pitched music
 With pots of water on the heads 
rose and marigold garlands  
 around theirt necks, 
with ash smeared liberally 
on their chests, foreheads, arms,
the priests dance unrhythmically,  
the pot remains intact, the drummers  
beat  fiercely, their hair oscillating,
 a strong push of the locks 
not with the hand  but 
with the drum bells
 enhance the tempo,
the eyes of the priests flutter,
 tears stream down, lips quiver,
 Sami irungricchu, finally.

The chief priest begins
 in a belligerent tone,
 “Karuppar  mel anai
kodumai pala. noi niraiya 
paavam peruga, throwing
poetic song set to his 
own tune. His  eloquence
gains momentum, he concludes 
with a  brandish saying 
vidivu kaalm varukirathu
 falls on the ground like 
a log. His disciples sprinkle 
water on his face. By the time
 his coffer enrichens. 
He is worth a hundred thousand.

PS, Karuppar is a village God. The priest swears on him and foretells that the world is full of evil, disease plenty, sins abound,


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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