I Call Pal

 engage in a dialogue
with him. Spontaneity, is his strength,
Has  multiple excuses in stock, all
coveted lies.  

The belongings, of my parents  
the meanest to the mightiest
remain undivided for 18 years.
I  believe with strong suspicion,

 Pal, who lives in the  sprawling  house.
 says cupboards are locked 
 does not know where the keys are.
 he just occupies the rooms.

I listen to him with disbelief
Clearing his throat, he tells  demurely
“most of the expensive ones —–“
searching for words  he extends,

I butt in ” expensive ones!  where are they”?
He speaks aloud, “gone,  gone,” looks 
at the sky, sobbing he cries 
“where I do not know?”

Baffled by his outcry, I freeze.
Pal has  connived with either the one 
or the other, could be the rest of my siblings too, 
divided the valuables leaving me none.

The rosewood almirahs, the wall mounted teak 
ones stare at me, appear as though they 
want to reveal  what transpired. 
They breathe life while Pal stays wood like.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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