A tribal woman walks fast
a pot in her head, with
a toddler toeing behind
a little one  in her hips.

Balancing the pot
pulling her child
she makes haste 
her bare feet

turn red while 
treading  on the burning 
tar. The child cries bitter
his tender feet burns. 

the baby whimpers 
unable to tag any more
soaked in his mother’s 

he pot remains intact
not a drop falls down
her balancing is perfect
her move though in a hurry 

is measured. The trio reach
home where granny 
waits for them  with 
a toothless grin.

The mother places the pot
in the kitchen, lights 
the firewood starts cooking
nursing  the baby.

The man intoxicated  to the brim
returns home screams at his wife
or her tardiness. He beats her 
in and out,.

The woman smiles, teary eyed,
her body bruised  badly,  The baby sucks 
with force, painful her other child
 nudges close to granny.

The man moves out with a plate
full of rice and broth, the boy reaches 
out to  his mother, wipes her tears
takes a handful of rice  and  tries to feed her.

Granny lies helpless fuming.
wanting to hit her son, 
refrains as he is inebriated.
The family goes to sleep
to wake up the next day


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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