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Plunderers Of A Nation


A nation, rich in heritage, high in culture, alarmingly bounteous in wealth, was plundered by the Mughals ,followed by the British  to a large extent.

The Dutch, French and Portuguese also added up their wealth by usurping the resources of this ancient nation.

This particular  country, after having been enslaved by the British Raj, who left the country in tatters in 1947, has made a tremendous recovery.

Its wounds have been healed.

Its emptied treasury is being filled up.

Its drained intelligence is getting a face lift.It has taken nearly six decades to come out of the dark.

Etching and eking, sweltering and sweating , the Indian subcontinent has emerged as a powerful economy.

What an ordeal it had to face.!!


The new nation, the great United States of America, is in a dire league.

The country ,known for its affluence, wealth and dominance, is curling under the economic depression.

The melt down, which had cast a doom, is after long perusal and deliberation ,looks to be man-made.

To be precise,  it is much so, created by fat cats .

These fat cats include pot-bellied businessmen and big greedy politicians.

Their suspicious transactions covered by synthetics and cosmetics have driven the powerful economy to the streets.

The loathsome defects and selfish desires have forced a collapse.

The nation is torn, is bleeding, yet certain conspiracy still lingers.

The regulators take them to the court.

 Goldman sachs , concisely to get out ofe the long drawn procedures,has opted to pay fine.

It has been fined heavily.

Goldman with tight lips has accepted to pay the exorbitant penalty.

Why ? and How?

The political bureau, the economic research would not be able to disclose the manipulations, as most of the top people are involved.

In the course, the great U.S has been plundered, has been looted,not in a literal manner, but in a most stylistic tactful  move.

It is theft,blatant robbery.

It is ruthless and sacrilegious.





The Chagrin

The mind  designs the ploy

Puts in tricky tackle,

Adds in risky raffle,

Finishes with wicked device.


The heart  deliberates on the issue,

Weighs the sadistic purport,

Considers the devilish impact,

Resigns to the satanic move.




The device runs amuck,

Kills a  few

Cripples too many,

Leaves with a berserk.




The consequence is morbid,

The virality is poignant,

The avalanche is sordid,

The frequency is unleashed.




The collision is bloody,

The damage is complete,

The rout is drastic.

The uproot is fearful.



They  the equanimity is lost,

Thus the peace is distorted,

Thus the quietude is sunk,

These be the  residue of chagrin

Heat Wave

It is a heat wave,

Terribly range bound

Terrifically  irksome

Tremblingly teasing. 


It is a heat wave

Enormously stifling,

Eventually sickening,

Elaborately  lifeless.




It is a heat wave,

Inducing perspiration,

Inciting dehydration

Intense failure.




It is a heat wave

Prompting dizziness,

Pronouncing  unconsciousness,

Prevailing disaster.




It is a heat wave,

Reigning supreme,

Releasing emission,

Restoring disbelief.





It is a heat wave ,

Prevailing mostly,

Persuading rigorously,

Preemptive fragility.





It is a heat wave,

Letting out pain,

Listing out grief,

Luminosity oblivious.




Where are you Gold?

Where are you?

I am,

Mostly in the north.

Mostly in high altitudes,

Mostly in soaring platitudes

Mostly out of reach.



Where can I see you?

I am,

Mostly in paper,

Mostly in commodities market,

Mostly in online trading,

Mostly beyond hold.





How can I get you?

I am,

Mostly not trackable,

Mostly not reachable,

Mostly not  detectable.,

Mostly  a mirage.





Oh! oh! Oh!

I am,

Mostly the safe haven,

Mostly the secured asset,

Mostly the pride possession,

Mostly the greatest of all.

Global Collections

A curious information kept  me tongue-tied  for many days.

I wish to share it among the few readers ,I have.

It is a bit of a suspense.

It is a bit of a worry.

It is a bit of  a ridicule.

It is a bit of a folly.

It is more so a catastrophe.


By now ,friends, you would have got the cue.

By now ,friends you would have guessed the exact.

By now ,friends you would have accepted the fact



Well, enough of keeping you in tenter hooks.

It is nothing ,other than going global..

I hear you sound “phew”

Yes it is very much the same global endorsement.



Going global, friends ,we lost financially.

Going global, friends ,we lost the climate

Going global,friends, we lost the rains. .

Going global, we lost the individuality.

Going global, we lost the uniqueness.

Going global ,we lost the prosperity.

Going global,we lost the fun.

Going global we lost the spirit.

Going  global, we lost everything.



Well the recession, the warming, the disaster, the despondency, the lost faith,  the greed are the prized collections  of adopting global formula.

Treasures are for life.

This generation has committed a suicidal design.

It has to somehow live with it.



Seeing Through

It was a scintillating  sight,

Looking  merely was  beautiful and lovely,

Seeing through was grandiloquent,


It portrayed the nuances fully,

It depicted the greatness mightily,

It expressed the concepts thematically,

It embellished the synthesis scrupulously,

It  enjoined the fusion craftily,

It kneaded the sources deftly,

It scored over the icons nimbly,

It  extolled the infinite profoundly.