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Looking Daggers

Daggers are weapons sharp,

Eyes are organs incisive,

Daggers bring fear and night mare,

Stains of blood are smeared everywhere,

Eyes emit evil and conceit,

Remnants of hate are found everywhere.


The physical assault is horrendous,

As a stab slits open the physique,

Inflicting a damage deadly  to the body,

The mental attack is torturous,

As a  look tears apart the psychic,

Paralysing the mind to a desolation.


She looks daggers goes the simile,

Looks are more penetrating than a sting,

They kill the spirit of life  on the whole,

Decimating the liveliness from the soul,

It is definitely worse than a brutal murder,

As it impoverishes the  mind of its glory.


The piercing dagger and the evil looks,

Kill the life and spirit in a momentum,

 As stabbing  fiercely takes the life out,

Looking deceitfully throws the mind asunder,

There fore  life holds no value basically,

Lo!the spirit lies dead unceremoniously.