Weddings In Indian Communities

horoscopeIt is to be serious

not much ambiguous

a thought on an issue

could be of any tissue

be a selection in general

of a bride and a groom in lateral

a pick and a choose in Indian communities

the parents search and hunt with diligence and dignity

go by the horoscope, the family and smartness

a difficult predicament in the wilderness

as of the religion, caste and status also intrude

a prolonged follow up  usurps the  finalizing

if all seem to coordinate and converge

the looks and the dowry  would cross in the verge

the strain the parents undergo overwhelms considerably

the exhaustion  hastens the conclusion reliably

comes then the execution in a grand scale

another thorn in the flesh to tell the tale

all set and done the marriages take place

lasted all through in years of yore with grace

nowadays there provokes a fall out all too soon

the boy and the girl call it quits casting a doom

this be the cross section of society on the whole

with tradition and modernity taking the toll

the east and west would never meet

either be it east in full and turn sweet

or be westernized in all  with less principles

a mixture of both would throw you out in principal

let the Indian community adopt a structural pact

well, that should  be incredibly tact.






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