The Sumptuosity And Splendour

The ingredients that make a dish

could be of varied quality

the best be not the substance

if one goes not by the standard .splendour

I know a woman who  is independent

cooks  on not any recipe  as such

has her own way to process

measures not in spoons or in grams

just picks and mixes in the stuff

her fingers be her own measure

salt she just sprinkles as she cooks

so does she adds spice and chilly

the way she wants and she likes

it is all in her  eyes and hands

no particular study nor any precise definition

the final preparation is so delicious and mouth watery

provokes one to take again and again

she does not teach or instruct

as she does not possess any regular formula

it is the watchful eye that sees  and performs

it is the deft finger that executes  in strength

while the ladle clatters on the pans and pots

a sumptuosity   and splendour all too well seen.


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