The Whale And The Shark

The whale and the shark
swim in the ocean
one upturns the other
a survival of the fittest
as seen in any habitation
be it in the waters or terrain
a desire to outsmart
being predominant
leads one to a conflict
a salubrious environment
go totally missing.

The desire to outsmart
the will to beat one
either by the competition of skill
or contest of strength
harmonises not rather suffocates.

The rattle and the prattle
along with the ramble
in a scramble
delivers a devastation
where there is death, bloodshed
accompanied by material loss
along with a mental torture.


Ties That Bind.

Three hours – seems like minutes –
come to term, as an exhausted
mother and new-born child
rest on in a deep nap.

The lactation flow saturates
and the seeping milk wakes
Maitiri up to nurse. The half
asleep Veda seeks the nipple
to receive the nourishment
she needs from the suckling breast.

Invincible for the invisibility,
this cordate union encouraged by the Light,
continues unsevered after birth;
the undeniable joy shared
among atheists and believers,
as the miracle of life belies science.