Not The Mahabharata.

The Dharma, I know
differs from
the protagonist of Mahabharata ,
led his family
not, through the righteous path.

He and his wife Janvi
mince no travel
up and down they go
miss not any function, event,
and weddings.

The children left to themselves
lost track,  been encircled by bad company.
The eldest Mega consumed tablets
coerced her siblings Sneha and Mali
into the world of drugs

Mega, soon lost control.
Her level is beyond redemption.

Sneha, fortunately, has come out
with minimum hurt.
while Mali stays between the two
neither here nor there.

Dharma and Janvi
face humiliations
but, ignore them easily
while they head towards
unwanted journeys.

Mega, Dharma quips has deserted her family.
in truth, her husband has divorced her.

Sneha lives happily
with her in-laws and their families

Mali, as seen, is between two horns
caught between two wives,
one of his choice and the other of his parents.

Dharma lives as happily as ever
with Janvi at his heels.