The Fairest Of All

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Sheela strikes the mirror affably
The mirror had been there for ages
the corners have turned black.
It reflects with a perfection.
Age has not detracted her course.
On the contrary, she has turned sharp.
Excellent is her performance.
The new ones eye her with envy.

The mirror smiles wearily.
How many faces she has reflected?
She misses the count.Not one, but
too many have confronted her like Sheela.

The mirror looks vague at this juncture
but,sports interest as always
awaits the query very much familiar.

Sheela comes forward
asks the mirror
“Who is the fairest of all?.

The mirror pouts with a tease,
lovingly calls Sheela near,
tells her in a soft tone,
without a doubt,
“You are the fairest of all”.

Overjoyed Sheela thanks the mirror profusely.

The mirror smiles wryly.
Not one but hundreds have asked her
She had replied and will interact the same way.
Truly,you are,
“The fairest of all is you.”