Befitting A Crime.

A disaster unseen
Unheard and unbearable
committed wantonly.

Befitting a crime,
damaging and degrading,
indiscernible almost.

An attempt unpardonable
unhonourable and undesirable
transgressional and sinful.

Seemed like a pandemonium.
Apparently, hell let loose,
heart wrenching and acrimonious.

Sounds ambiguous! is it not?
A distaste is felt incidentally
unable to pinpoint the event.

drama. poetry. thoughts

Wedding Of A Community

A wedding of a community
is a celebration of vanity
as they spend with a madness.

They circulate gifts days before
comprising of stainless steel and copper
large and small filled with murukkus
and mauvurandais (savouries:a speciality of the community)

They serve varieties of dishes for two days
including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The menu being elaborate runs into pages.
No wonder, the chef demands a fortune.

The shreedhan runs into millions
by way of cash, gold and diamond
silverware, copperware, stainless steel utensils
wooden almirahs and furniture all made at home
from the day, a girl is born

The highlight is a gift to the girl’s mother in law
a miniature of what is given to the bride
called as mamiar saaman murai
prevalent in the community for centuries together.
A practice peculiar.

Months before the wedding
the women turn busy
preparing vadams and mauvus
pickles and vathals.

The activities replicate
a small scale industry.

Revenue is in the hat
This mercantile community
considers marriage a transaction.
The highest bidder clinches the best deal.

Eavesdropping heard the bridegroom sulks
he said, “hell with it, vettithanam
damn money spoils the spirit.” Turning found
the girl’s demeanour equally sober.