Ramadan-Hari Raya.

Being the ninth month
 in the Islamic calendar
 the  Muslims around the world
 turn pious.
Fasting from dawn to dusk
taking no water and no food
 they pray intensely.
They refrain from smoking
 abstain from  spurious drinks,
talk, not ill of others,
restrain from hurting others
refrain from swearing and cursing .
Their mind is filled up with thoughts sober.
The rigorous  penance  teaches men of love.
 An optimistic outlook descends
Fasting  is a Godly prescription for abstinence.
A month of restrictions, as found
 cleanses the body and mind
 a  self-imposed way to make one fit
 both mentally and physically.
The ancient practices have scientific connotations.
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The Smearing of Ash

I prefer solitude to gatherings
peace and tranquillity to gossip and dissent
that is my way.In spite of being so,
I had to participate in a function.
Exasperated, I moved beyond.
Mona,  took centre stage.
For once tense, he seemed ill at ease
as if taken up by a malignant spirit
he began his discourse.

The smearing of ash on the forehead.

chanted panchakal mantram
panchaprabha mantram
and shadhanga mantram
all in a topsy-turvy.

His lengthy monologue
turned a farce.

It was a mockery
of The Holy Bhasma.
He continues his rant.
It is a ramble of an incoherent mind.

Mona’s sermons,nowadays
make people run away from him.

Oh! poor Mona, what shall we do with you,vibuthi
to parody scriptures that way.