The Four Chickens.

The four chickens,
coloured red, orange, green and yellow
are bought to delight young Meenu.

They are tiny and fragile,
beautiful in their colours,
trot one behind the other
in a retinue.

Meenu, a toddler, runs behind them,
she is amused.

Her mother turns tense
goes behind Meenu
watches her steps close
lest Meenu topples over the chickens.

The little girl eats her meals
without any fuss,
as she follows
the chicks.
Her mother is happy
as her task turns easy.

Meenu tries to catch the chickens
They slip from her hold
Meenu cries. Her loud cry
scares the chicks away.

She being the one,
who never gives up
tries again and again.
Once she catches them
she beams with pride
looks triumphant
portrays a smile
all too sweet.

Meenu enjoys the play
being one of a lively game.