Too Many Cooks Stir.

Six Degrees By Blogadda -A New Technique.
 It is an  innovative attempt: Eight bloggers  put their heads together and write. Three teams have conceptualized the three  stories. It is an amazing effort. Teamwork has its drawbacks as well  found at random in places.
“The Awakening ” is a science fiction. The Earth’s Ozone is endangered by human greed.
 The Gray Aliens wish to destroy the Earth. The Peacekeeping Aliens who are in the crowd, have forgotten their mission. Their memories are revived by inserting a metal, galladium  on their forehead. They chant before the 3 D image of the earth and save the land from destruction. Shekhar Dutta personifies greed.
It is an exaggeration unbelievable.
“The Entangled Lives”  makes big of the Disassociative Identity Disorder.The revelation, the murder and the surrender lead us to a despair. The incidents haunt  us  for a while.Then they fade. It is designed that way. The plot is built around Shekhar’s let go attitude. He deserts Rekha, after having fathered Cyrus.Vengeance is the theme
There is a missing integral of veracity in the characters in general and the plot in particular.
 A resignation dawns that it is but  a story, anyway.
“The Missing journey” misses its way halfway through. The  struggle of Gays both physically and mentally is seen at length.
The medical anomaly of Duodenal Artesia found in children which subsequently leads to Down Syndrome: a reference  brought in seems strained. The characters, DR Ahuja and DR Padnis  take us for a ride.
All the three fail to engage  and capture the attention.
Happy endings are those of Fairy Tales .
These three entries conclude on a cheerful note. I smile.
Not much can I express?
6 Degrees – Game of Blogs Book Review.