The Release Of Kabali

A call
woke me up in the morning.

It was  my maid
who complained of chest pain.
She wanted to stay at home
needed permission.
I said “take care”
in all good faith.

I lay disturbed
the day ahead
has turned difficult
not knowing much more
would follow

The phone rang
the gardener called
“amma, I fell down
have hurt my right knee
I cannot move.”

I advised
“rest your leg”
with a concern.

It is going to be hectic
I said to myself
and walked to my kitchen.

While preparing my tea
I heard the phone ring.
The driver’s number flashed,
amma, he addressed me
coughing terribly,
I felt it is better to
grant him leave
for a day.

Oh, hell, a tough going!
I sat down with the newspaper
while sipping my tea
the phone rang again.
A faithful man, my watchman
who seldom
takes leave greeted me
vanakkam, amma
I asked him appa,
what is the matter?

He replied demurely
amma, my son has taken
my bicycle. I cannot walk
all the way. So, please
excuse me.

What has happened?
Why do all of them
want a holiday?.
I sat wondering.

it was the release
of RajniKanth’s Kabali.
They would flock to the theatre
to watch the premier show.

I smile all knowinglyKabali
What a hold the actor has?


Old Natham Road- A Snapshot.

The cows cross  the road
eat from the dustbin
 a healthy diet.
 The bikes speed
with more than two on the pillion
wearing no helmets.
 The buses ply up and down
 tens  hanging  on the steps
unaware of the danger.
 The cars race
to catch an appointment
a great going.
 Hawkers walk,
looking around for buyers
a selling technique.
None follow  rules
nor think of others
 that be the hub
 all through the day
a snapshot of my road
throughout the year.