The Release Of Kabali


A call
woke me up in the morning.

It was  my maid
who complained of chest pain.
She wanted to stay at home
needed permission.
I said “take care”
in all good faith.

I lay disturbed
the day ahead
has turned difficult
not knowing much more
would follow

The phone rang
the gardener called
“amma, I fell down
have hurt my right knee
I cannot move.”

I advised
“rest your leg”
with a concern.

It is going to be hectic
I said to myself
and walked to my kitchen.

While preparing my tea
I heard the phone ring.
The driver’s number flashed,
amma, he addressed me
coughing terribly,
I felt it is better to
grant him leave
for a day.

Oh, hell, a tough going!
I sat down with the newspaper
while sipping my tea
the phone rang again.
A faithful man, my watchman
who seldom
takes leave greeted me
vanakkam, amma
I asked him appa,
what is the matter?

He replied demurely
amma, my son has taken
my bicycle. I cannot walk
all the way. So, please
excuse me.

What has happened?
Why do all of them
want a holiday?.
I sat wondering.

it was the release
of RajniKanth’s Kabali.
They would flock to the theatre
to watch the premier show.

I smile all knowinglyKabali
What a hold the actor has?

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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