Meenie’s Husband’s Seventieth Birthday.

It is Meenie on the move
involved in the celebrations
being her husband’s birthday.

He being not a young chap
has lived seven decades
and three years more.

Meenie calls it as seventieth. Perhaps she
wishes her hubby to be younger
by a full three years. Not much of a difference, anyway.

She invites and distributes gifts to all her kith.
The invitation boasts of culinary dishes
from Burma, Indo-china and Sri Lanka.

I expected chefs from these countries
would fly to her place and prepare the food.
I could see none of them on that day.

She plays host with pride.
It is remarkable.  I feel in a sense.
She forgot a family en mass- four “pullis”( numbers)
as they call in her community.  None would dare do it.

The family is one of some standing
not a mean one to forget.

A month later, her game is out.
Meenie’s design is exposed. Many around come to know.
Having done it with a deceit in mind, she covers saying
the handy epithet. ” I forgot”.

The family pays attention. Not for the gift
which has no great monetary value. It minds
the significance, being one.of a recognition.

Meenie calls the lady of the family.
Tells she has done a mistake.
She did not know, where to give the gifts.

The lady curtly replied,
“It is all over. Do not bother, I will not accept.
I do not live in the pavement.
I reside in a house which has an address.

We will likewise, not count
the three”pullis” of your family.
That is the end. No more of it. ”

The humiliation she hurled
has returned with a force.