Like Not To Tell Anything To Anybody

Medicines I rarely take
not that I need them not
that because I am allergic to most.

If at all I take once in a way
I lose my head and am in bed
wheezing and pining.

Had been so in my childhood
having the mother to take care off
an experience never  I forget.

I grew older with the family around
had bouts of illness on and off
once or twice led me to a confinement.

Mostly without medicine, I prolong
not that I say I am a saint who gets cured  by prayers
but forced by my status – allergy prone.

The process turns longer than usual
coughing, sneezing and aching persist for long
making me sick for days.

Seen from all the angles, spending time at home
I am a different person
not tagging with the majority.

Not aware of my constraints
friends and foes alike mock
calling me a sophisticated being.

Like not to tell anything to anybody.
I tread the path set for me.
Few more years may be.would I be around.LieLike l