Caricature Of Myself.

Not steadfast as anyone
Not reliable as any other
I live my life
not sticking to one thing
at any time and anywhere.

Not once but several times,
not anything new as it sounds
I resolve and follow
not for long as I deviate
always for reasons plenty.

Not that the rains fail
Not that the rains abound
I too fall on the same line
seem to be aggrieved at occasions
happen to be happy at intervals.

Not that the sun is abusive.
Not that the Sun is a felicity
I am both hot and cold
as my moods oscillate
like a pendulum.

Not that the Sea is calm
nor that the ocean is ferocious
I am enthusiastic as all
and depressed I turn at all
apparently a chameleon.

I do stand like a mountain
obdurate as much as I could be
I give way to gossip that range
being pervasive as the wind
blowing out and in.

A caricature I draw of myself.
It resembles the sun, mountain, the sea.
Have I forgotten the moon
the sweetest of all? Not at all.
It is the first of my module waxing and waning.

I am all the elements of nature except fire.
If I am one like the fire, I would perish.