Worried I Am

My worries seem unfounded.
I am disturbed. I turn, flip.
I get up in fright.

Of late, my subconscious mind is at work.
Waking up the middle of the night.
I cry, “Oh, I have to do my homework,
it is only half done”

I rush to my work table. My table is clean.
No exercise lies unfinished”
Have I misplaced them”

I sit confused.  Soon realisation dawns.
School! I exclaim. I look at myself.
A wry smile emanates. I am old.
Reconciling to my status,
I retire to my bed.

A situation that intrigues me quite often.
My mind compares. The sensitive schoolgoer of yesteryears
with the unwitty woman at present,

“Do not drag”‘ my mind signals.
“Perform or perish”, It commands. I understand,
I have unfinished duties that are to be accomplished
before I go to sleep.