Doing Something Worth The Nothing

My friends ask
“What do you do?”
I smile.

It is been not once.
I want to ask them
“What do you want me to do”?

They continue their questionnaire
“How do you spend time in a small town”?
I laugh.

It has been on several occasions.
I wish to question them
“Small or big, does it matter”?

They do not stop the interrogation.They go.
“Why not you come out with your schedule”?
I burst out laughing.

If I reveal my itinerary, they would be shocked.
What is my time table? The first time, I think of it.
How to draw reliable programmes?

I google. I research. I seek help from software technology.
Nowhere, could I find my pursuit. I spend the whole week.
It strikes the chord. This is the way I spend time.

Doing something worthy of nothing.