The Unknown Flight

A cry deep down
heard by none
felt by one
being a call in anguish
perhaps, a plea to save.

A growth phenomenal
unseen though
a minute sperm
merges with another
starts its journey.

The sperm being an egg
turns big like a small mango
becomes known as a fetus
breathes in life in the course
exercises its limbs.

It moves around the sac of fluid
hears the noise around
recognises the mother’s voice
waits for the day in anxiety
when it would rest in its mother’s bosom.

A jolt from the blue
the fetus suffers
a man made one
an ejection medically
it lies on the table
fighting for breath.

It longs for its mama’s fondling
at least a last hold
it would be not so
as it is removed in a hurry
down into the trash.

The flight into the unfathomable.