Travel Ban

The spread of religions
inspires and induces the land for centuries.

A transformation takes place being
a turn off from the previous faith.

As found,

Traders travel in search of fortunes.
To pray and celebrate they set up their Gods.
Churches, temples, mosques and viharas
whichever is appropriate are erected.

A kind of orientation takes place.
Conversion is on the anvil. Could be
out of compulsion or will.

it is the poor who succumb to conversions.

The differences arise in course of time,
Feuds and skirmishes interrupt the daily life.
Man enslaves man. Revolution is sporadic.

Bloodshed, death and disaster are rampant.
Terrorism is born. The distinction becomes discriminatory.
Governance is in jeopardy.

The man at the helm imposes a travel ban.
Restricts entry of people of certain nations.
Chaos prevails. Litigation follows. Legality refrains.

A scenario seen in recent times.
The nation which suppressed the communities
for its benefits is at the receiving end.

It is as  the Bible quoths,
“As you sow, so shall you reap.”