Drama In Governance.

The drama in governance
vying for power is witnessed. There is
shouting, grabbing, hurling at each other.

One leader comes out,
with a shirt torn. The other
falls down bleeding. A floor test is being conducted.

The opposition is evicted. Those who demand
secret balloting are expelled. The test takes place.
The winner is the one who paid most.

Atrocious claim the people. Their mind rebels.
It is the calibre that accounts. The legislators
are tea shop vendors and small time shoppers.

What much can we expect from such?
A deliberation that is keeping no mind at rest.
An awareness that is late.being for the good as ever.

Power makes one a devil. He starts loving authority
Money turns the other into a satan.– the one turns a Midas.
With these in excess, he loses his humanitarian qualities.

No business flourishes as politics. A Video shop owner turns a billionaire.
A tea shop vendor has a few billion less. All in a matter of a decade.

The rest follow.  Count the currency for each and every deal.

A hypothesis that works.

It is a no investment business with enormous revenue.
A black letter day in the annals of Tamilnadu, a state in India.
It is one of the advanced states in the country. Its people are educated.
Imagine the plight of the other states in the Indian Union.