Known As chettys

A small community
journeyed across the sea
seeking prospective
business in the
most unimaginable land,
Burma as it was unknown.

who braving turbulence
leaving the women at home
hundreds of them set sail
taking their grown up sons
along with barbers, cooks and dhobis
to help them in chores.

Setting business in a land
unknown,unable to understand
the language, amidst unfamiliar people
being a task, they transacted
business with phenomenal

Enthused by their achievements
many more followed them
together they deviated from banking
to plantation, cultivation trading .
They spread all over Burma.
Came to be known as Chetty bankers.

Burma made a mark in the world map.
The Chettys deployed the gains
in establishing schools,
building temples dedicated
to Lord Muruga. Transferred
part of their profits to the family
and built palatial homes.

The golden period of Burma
came to an end when Japan
set foot on the soil. The Chettys
fled home leaving everything
lands, business, connections
with only a loin cloth to cover
them. Burma came under military regime

Disillusioned for a while
the enterprising community
made good of their savings
commenced business by selling
valuables and properties
in their own country.

The next generation
honed their skill.Education
took them to places. They
found jobs in United States,
Europe and Singapore.
A reward for
‘the undaunted spirit.

Like a phoenix
the Chettys have
regained their prosperity.
Continue their charity
wherever they are,


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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