Adi Perukku

A day of significance,
of prosperity with manifold
increase in growth, AdI Perukku,
falls on the eighteenth day
of the month of Adi.

The day begins with
early morning bath
in the rivers,. Flowers, fruits,
betel leaves, areca nuts are left
in the waters as offerings to River God.

Rains have set in. Cultivation
commences, Rice, millets, grains
are sown. Farming activities buzz.
to the noise of the tractor, the sound
of manuring, folk songs keep merry.

With the belief and trust
in God the farmers engage
in hard work. The next few months
will turn demanding, The farmers
have to sweat it ou.t

Minding not the toil
the farmers tend to the crops
with faith. To them it is an year’s
earning, The river streams
with the flowers afloat.