Sri Rama

River Sarayu flows
as gently as it could
reverberating the chants
Sri ram, Jay sri ram
as the little town
on its banks Ayodhya,
the Rama Janma Bhoomi
is teeming with activity.

The Temple pulled down
by Muslim invaders
gave way to Babri Masjid.
The dispute ran for centuries,
through generations ,comes to an end
by a judicious verdict pronounced
on 9/ Nov/2019.

Finding proof there existed
a Rama Temple the construction
starts with a fanfare, Silver bricks,
golden ones along with the clay
pieces pile up in the site.
The temple is off the mark.
An historical event commending

River Sarayu continues its journey
unmindful of Rama or Rahim.
To her both are one and the same,
the faces of Gods might be different
the names might differ, the worship
might vary but the belief in God
is unanimous. The spirit of
Rama will sustain. the faith
in Allah will support.