A Fiesta

Waking up to the music
being played by Nature,
the greatest musician.
Humanity rejoices,

it is dawn with
darkness resigning
giving way to light,
alike to the rising of curtains,

a light music not very audible,
is felt, percolates to the inner,
a sensitivity stirs, liveliness

The sun advances with a brightness
beside a lot of man made noise,
the natural succumbs to the artificial
a subtle tune emanates, distancing itself.

Midafternoon and noon
fall silent, perhaps a hum
keeps going hard to distinguish
as the bustle overwhelms,

Dusk heralds a melodious
rhythm evolving altogether,
a pleasant harmony most
similar to the Piano’s notes.

Comes the night with the darkness,
lullaby flows in fluent, soothing
in its generic simultaneously reviving
slumber surfaces discreetly.