My Weekly Engagements

it is Saturday morning,
sun light streams in,
my appointment
with the Sun commences.

I open wide the
the mosquito nets
attached to the window.
Pillows, beds, spreads
come out, in order, I place them
in the sun, turn them
front and back dust
and mites fly.

Cushions, covers, carpets,
table cloths follow
them .The front garden turns
colourful with myriads
strewn in disorderly patterns.

The back yard holds
the stage for vessels,
spoons, ladles and plates
all cleaned, dazzle
in the sunlight.

Wheat and rice flour,
dry chilly, dhal. pappad,
pickles. vadam climb
down the larder for a
sun bath.

Not to with hold, my sarees
washed and starched profusely
get spread on the lawn without folds
to dry, turn stiff. When ironed
look neat and crisp.

My body manufactures Vitamin D
most efficiently while I am engaged
in these endeavours.