Public Undertakings in India

Power sector, In India
the largest government
owned company
with high revenue
and higher number
of employees, operates
without any discipline
committing the
Indian public undertaking
to disgrace.

I happened to go to
the office in my area,
hosted in a shabby building
manned by two women, one
an illiterate, the other
a little more educated,
display ignorance, The only
furniture a table full of stains,
the chair rickety, rooms
ill ventilated, stuffy smell
cause a repulsion.

The Electrical Engineer pays a quick visit,
rushes to supervise field works
does not return to the office.
goes back home, his day is over.
He is a recipient of four digit
salary , perks and concessions add up.
Indian government offices
function with such efficiency,
eating up the people’s
money leaving the public
in the lurch.