Madurapuri Nilaye

My town on the banks of River Vaigai
remains quiet through the ages,

It neither cries for attention, nor
commands perfection.

A town where transactions
abound, where trade

and commerce flourish, anything
finds a market, salt to diamonds,

silk to bricks, pulses to grains,
fruits and vegetables, sold

and bought the retailers,
wholesalers and people,

keep the town afloat,
idealistic in preference.

a town that never sleeps,
lives from dawn to dusk,

engages from night to morning,
a strange scenario, turns

a phenomenon illustrious
of its nature,

The big village as many refer
takes pride in its shrine

which hosts Goddess Meenakshi,
where elegance and style

are interpreted in graceful
dimensions. With festivals

all through the year, the town
exhibits a ceremonial texture,

Called as Madurai, where Madhu
denotes nectar, the alliteration

explains best the density, divinity
and sweetness associated with the town.