Swamy Breaks The Idols

destroys the temples
speaks ill of religion
says “only dumb idiots
believe in God”.

Hailing from a family of purohits,
Swami’s father, Ishwar, is a Vedic
scholar, traces his ancestry
to the Surya vamsa

The forefathers performed
ashvamedha yajna, one of the royal rituals
of Sanatan Dharma. His wife
and father unable to bring
him back to God, cry in silence.

Swamy, a race car driver,
crashes into a bridge,
falls into a trench lies unconscious
with multiple fractures.

He survives but remains crippled.
His dad chants the mantra
Lakshar faraun hardi neel
Garkh Shuddha jahan!

Swamy recovers. He returns
to faith, turns a believer.
A resurrection takes place.
Swamy is born again