Uncle Of Mine

Eccentricities run in my family.
One such I find
in my paternal uncle
who leads a life
overlapped with luxuries.

He is not lavish by any means
His princely life places
him above the rest, at times
turn intimidating too.

He summons his
assistant Amba to bring
the Gods to him
“Swamiye Konda”

Amba runs to him
carrying a big polished
silver casket

Uncle opens the box.
prays to Ganesha, Muruga,
Shiva, Meenakshi, who occupy
the chambers in the box.
Uncle chants the mantras
sings the hymns aloud.

“Amba ” Uncle calls,
” Swamie kondu po”.
The Gods, books
return to their abode.

Awestruck! I notice
uncle in high spirits.
His round prominent
eyes reflect both
untamed audacity
and unknown extremity.

Which one is powerful?
I do not know.