Poor Me

The maids of mine
one a in her twenties
the other in late fifties
confront each other 
when I am around,
engage in pleasant 
conversation when 
I stay away.  A ploy 
to fool me.

I  eaves dropped 
in the morning, the peak time 
of their duties. The senior,
spoke in hushed tonewhile the junior talked loud.The older one would have said 
I assume, just do a hap 
hazard work when madam 
is not around.

The inexperienced girl 
turns apprehensive “Will she not find?”. 

The fifty year old advises, tell her ” you did”, 
 do not change your reply to her continuous 
questioning which she is prone  to do.
The girl  unsure, she continues 
her work as instructed, The old woman
walks off in disgust,

Encountering me in the corner
she smiles peevishly, 
I wanted to show her way out,
 having to retrieve a fair amount from 
her given as advance in salary, I keep  
quiet, pass a sharp look, that will be 
enough to agitate her,   An  expensive