Hanuman Val

A brief review of the work,
cost accounting, in a sense
 tabulating the material 
 against the work done
 keeps me  freaking.

i calculate, redo,
 could not tally both
the one overlaps the other
Curse  the software,
.for my erroneous application

The performance lags 
while the substance rises
a direct hit on the revenue
 a  straight loss so to say,
What to do?

I set aside the balancing
 my mind throbs,
 places me in an anvil
fear of loss circumvents.
 My  head whirls.

Pain follows,  I stay  nonplussed,
“Not being of great value”,
 I console myself,   the mind chimes, 
 ” whatever  it is”.   Oh ! Shiva, eh !  Krishna.
 I  scream  turning  towards the sky. 

Brief has become lengthy,
 as we say in  the vernacular
 ”  Hanuman val”. I go 
in circles,  My eyes 
stay fixed. How  and when
did they close?  I do not know.