2021 – 24 X7

7 months old 2021 
moves in great speed.
Days become nights 
and nights days.

24X 7 at home, I walk 
to the front yard return 
to the backdoor, oscillating 
like a pendulum,

 Up and down I climb
traverse  the garden
stand in the sun. rotation 
and revolution sets pace.

Time flies during pandemic, 
jumps while  epidemic loom,  
rolls through endemic,
minding not the gravity.

 Another event, rains  come and go
 incidental  for the sun,  shines and settles
 as if  indebted, the moon  waxes and wanes
 no matter what happens. 

Men dash out in haste
catch the infection’ in a close
seek admission in hospitals. 
Death creeps stealthily.