Lost In His World

As if I am deaf, a relative of mine
explains his  breakfast he just had,.
Full throated blast. The decibels, if recorded,
will range in the upper limit 

His voice echoes sonorous, windows 
and door rock and tremble 
 the furniture rattles, imagine 
the state of my ears which folds and shuts.

He  continues  in high pitch
blaming his host who had hired 
a second class chef to cook
breakfast for the housewarming.

He shows a tiny  cup
with halwa, having carefully 
kept in his pocket, Idli, hard 
like a stone, vada   soggy,

sambhar insipid  he shouts 
 with disgust,  idlis 
fly, Vadas  jump, sambhar 

Riotous, I exclaim, Annoyed 
casting  a glance at him,
 I  move out  stealthily,  he 
continues unabated, seems 
lost in his world.