A kind of feel 
hard to express
keeps me oppressed 
for hours.

It is a sort 
one that circles 
 a sensation of hunger

 physical and virtual
one leading to the other 
an emptiness in the stomach
a dejection of the mind.

Unable to withstand. 
the portfolios throb 
excite creating 
a void .

Wind like it blows
storms from within
bellows from without
 causing a natural calamity 

as seen in the external
 the damage to the internal 
turns  grave, far from retrievable 
a disaster predominant

 Mind craves for attention
 while the belly cries for food
 that being available in plenty 
 but lying insipid.

This day is largely  delirious
 a feverish trend accosts
 mangling the soul and the physic
 an existentialism  struggles to thrive.