Anand At The Helm

It is the question of permanence
that keeps coming to my mind.

How many of us  realize this truth?
 one two, three go my fingers.

I hear about a man named  Anand
 who clings to his position.

not achieved by any skill
got through by  wealth.

For decades he holds the post
 tries to pass it on to his son,

It is an honorary one, conferred 
by governance, a recognition

of his family’s contribution to society.
the architect being his father.

Fortunate to be born in such a family
 he becomes  great, greatness being thrusted .

A general displeasure prevails,. A silent 
revolution is going on,

Anand would be thrown out 
if he does not resign.

Resign he will not.
He is inebriated. with ego.